2020 JUSC College Scholarship Program

The Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club (JUSC) intends to award up to four $500 college scholarships to eligible players. Eligible players are those who:

  1. Are a high school senior,

  2. Are eligible to graduate at the end of the 2019-2020,

  3. Are attending college or other post-secondary education in the Fall of 2020, and

  4. Played for JUSC or Sporting Iowa this past fall are eligible. Note: Sporting Iowa players must have played for JUSC immediately before joining Sporting Iowa to be eligible.

To complete the application form players must have the following:

  1. Player’s name, address, phone number and email.

  2. High School the player is currently attending.

  3. College or other post-secondary program the player plans to enroll in, and the player’s planned field of study.

  4. Description of the player’s experience playing in the club.

  5. Description of community related activities the player has been actively involved in.

  6. Description of high school related activities the player has been actively involved in.

  7. A one-page typed essay, on the subject of “How Soccer Has Prepared Me for Life.”

  8. Reference from coaches, teachers or others that describe the player’s character, work ethic, and commitment.

Complete 2020 JUSC College Scholarship Application

Scott Vander Hart | President

Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club

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