Becoming a Soccer Referee

On behalf of the Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club, the following is information regarding how to become a Soccer Referee for the upcoming spring season and for the 2021 calendar year. Due to

Covid–19, US Soccer will not permit in person clinics. But not to worry. There is a way to become a referee.

This is a great opportunity for players and parents or any other youth or adults to learn the game

from another perspective and earn some extra cash. Invite cousins and aunts and uncles to join you. Participants must be at least 13 years old when they register for the course.

Now that you have the basics, let’s get down to more details. For those 18 years of age or older,

there will be a background check (cost of $30 which is good for 2 years) that must be completed prior to registering for the course. The background check takes about 15 minutes to complete. Then everyone will complete the IA – Online 2020-21Grassroots Referee Course in the US Soccer Learning Center. Following the course, there are other assignments that will need to be completed which is explained at the website noted below. Payment for the courses will be on line.

Visit www.iowasoccer.org, click on the Referee page, and click on Become a Referee. Follow the

directions to get into the Learning Center and to get to the course. There is a lot of good information on this page of the website. Please remember that when registering in the Learning Center carefully input your name, mailing address and email address as this becomes a record for the entire time you are a referee. Should you have a change of address or choose to change an email address, do remember to go into your profile in the Learning Center to change those items. Once you are a referee you can referee anywhere in the United States. If there is more than one family member registering, each must use a different email address. Players – do

not use an email address your parents used to register you to play.

Following the successful completion of the Online Grassroots Referee Course and the assignments, there will be a virtual In-Person course to be completed. An instructor will be in touch for the virtual course. It may be a while after the online course is completed as the instructor will wait to have several people who have completed the Grassroots course.

Do complete the Online Grassroots course as soon as you can so you are ready when the In-Person course is available.

Once all of the above is completed, you will want to contact an assignor to get started refereeing. I will be happy to help you find an assignor for wherever you choose to referee. See my contact

information below. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Let’s fill the class while being safe!

Bonnie Larson blarson1312@gmail.com 515-255-6559

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