Fall Soccer Safety Plan

JUSC Families, Thank you for registering your child to play with JUSC this fall. We are excited to get the season started and have the kids back on the fields! However, there are a number of items we need to update you on before that can happen.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

With COVID-19 still present in our communities, this will not be a normal season. We need your support in implementing measures that conform with the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) Match Day Protocols & Return to Play Plan, and requirements of the City of Urbandale for use of city public spaces. Key Requirements

  • Coaches use masks going to and from fields, and during games

  • Players use masks coming to and from fields

  • Players should come to and leave the field fully dressed in uniforms, shin guards, cleats, etc. (dressing should be done at home or in car, not on the sidelines)

  • Players and spectators must social distance along sidelines (see specifics in match day protocols)

  • Players, spectators and coaches must stay home if they are sick, have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis in the last 14 days, and

  • Coaches, players and spectators minimize contact with coaches, players and spectators from the opposing team by remaining on your team's side of the field.

  • Players must bring their own bottled water or drink for individual use

  • Players must avoid sharing pennies and balls, group huddles, cheers, high fives, chest bumps, hugs, etc.

  • Players, coaches and spectators should not approach the field until the teams and spectators from the previous game have left.


  • Spectators wear masks to and from fields and during games, when possible.

  • Families limit the number of spectators to one per player.

We will leave spectator attendance at games up to families to decide. Please do consider that multiple spectators per player, especially at the younger age groups, does make for crowded sidelines that we need to try to avoid this season. Practices Generally, the many of the requirements listed above apply to practices too. We will spread out and stagger practices as much as feasible to avoid large groups at the complexes. As with games, teams should not take the field until the previous team has left. Parents and guardians should not be on the field during practice. ISA Match Day Protocols I would highly encourage you to read the ISA match day protocols as we need everyone's help to make this season a successful one. Read ISA Match Day Protocols

5U-8U Teams

We will maximize the use of both of our complexes for 5U-8U games this fall to:

  • help reduce crowding along the side lines as much as possible, and

  • maintain single year age groups (i.e., 5U teams playing other 5U teams) due to fewer teams playing this fall.

As such, 5U-8U teams will have games at both Johnston and Urbandale complexes.

Coaches Meetings

We will be holding virtual coaches meetings this coming Saturday. You can expect to hear about practice times and locations, and game schedules soon after.

Key Season Dates

  • Practices - Start Week of August 31

  • First Weekend of Games - September 12 & 13

  • Last Weekend of Games - October 25 & 26

  • Make-up Game Weekend - October 31 & November 1

  • Last Make-up Game Weekend (9U & up) - November 7 & 8

Good luck this season!

Scott Vander Hart | President

Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club

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