Giving Day

Hello JUSC Parents and Athletes! Tomorrow, Tuesday March 9th, we are having our first ever virtual Giving Day! Giving Day is a virtual fundraising event for our Learn More: Karen Coaldrake Financial Aid Fund (KCFAF). When: March 9th 2021,9 AM - 11:59 PM, Donate @ https://givebutter.com/KCFAF

How Can You Get Involved?


  • Sponsor a kit or a kid.

  • Help your kids get involved with the challenges by sharing information with them.

  • Share our Instagram/facebook posts with family and friends.

  • Donate!


  • Check out what challenge your coach is involved in.

  • Challenge your teammates to get involved.

  • Donate! Whether it’s $1, $5, $10, or $20, every bit helps to give a child a chance to play.

Sporting Iowa/JUSC/WDMSC Alumni

  • Share our Instagram/facebook posts with family, friends & alumni.

  • Donate! & help give an opportunity for someone else, pay it forward.


Here are the challenges for Giving Day. Click on the donate link and donate any amount. Check off the challenge that applies and see if we can release our match day donors donations!

Alumni Challenge - 10 Alumni to make a donation of any amount and it will open up $100 from our Giving Day Match Donor - Tristan Coaldrake! Donate!

Shave Rich’s Head - Coach Rich Bywater will shave off those luscious locks of his if we raise $3000! Let’s help him and create another Shedzy, Rinky, or Corbin Look-A-Like!! Donate!

Runner’s Challenge - Coach Amanda will personally donate $100 AND sign up for a Half Marathon if her challenge raises at least $900! She’s going the distance to make an impact in her community. Donate!

Family Challenge - To qualify for Coach Molly’s challenge, all you need to do is be part of the Sporting Iowa/JUSC/WDMSC family and get to the $500 mark in order to unlock another $250 match donor donation from the Ford family! Donate!

Eyebrows Challenge - Coach Rinky has agreed that if he receives $2000 in donations to his challenge he will shave off his eyebrows. I repeat, if Coach Rinky receives $2000 in donations he will shave off his eyebrows for the cause. Donate!

Wig for a week Challenge - There seems to be a theme appearing for our Sporting Iowa Coaching staff regarding luscious locks of hair. Coach Shedzy is going to wear a wig for the first week of training if he raises $1500! These are not just any wigs, if we raise the amount we will have a challenge to see which wig wins for Coach Shedzy. Donate!

Coaching in style or costume Challenge - Coach Tim is going to the next level and putting the game on the line. If his age group (we’re looking at you 13U & 14U Boys) raises $2,000 he will match $200 and then show up to a game in either a costume or suit and tie to the most generous donation in each age group! Donate!

Costume to the highest donation Challenge - Coach Trevor will wear a costume of the player’s choice to the first week of training to the highest bidder from his 11U Girls team! Girls, you could put Coach Trevor in a Teddy Bear costume or dress him as a Unicorn for an entire week of training for the highest bidder. Donate!

Full Kit for a day Challenge - Coach Trevor reaching out to his 17U - 19U Boys for this one. He will wear a full soccer kit for the entire day from the highest donator’s choosing. If anyone who needs a hint, Coach Trevor despises Everton, Manchester United, and Man. City. Donate!

Strike at the Scotsman Challenge - Donate an amount of your choosing and you’ll get a free shot from the PK spot at Coach Rennie’s bottom in goal in his traditional Scottish attire. Donate!

Style of your choosing Challenge - Coach Weeks is putting his bright red head of hair on the line and beard for his 16U players & families. $1000 = Dying his hair, $1500 = Shave his beard (Hint: he hasn’t completely shaved his beard for 8 years), $5001 = A tattoo that the 16U Boys will choose. Donate!

Giving Day Match Donor

A match donor is someone who is willing to donate a certain amount of money from $100 all the way to $1000 to match multiple donations from within the community.

We then ask our community, family, friends, & local businesses to make donations on Giving Day. For example, we may put a challenge out that if we get $500 raised from JUSC Families then it will release $500 Matching Donation from Donor X.

It is a quick way to make a huge impact for those families in financial need within our community.

Giving Day Goals

Every donation matters. Every dollar helps in giving a child a chance to play soccer! We want to honor Karen Coaldrake’s memory & raise funds for our soccer families in need.

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