What type of player is this club for? 

We are looking to provide a great soccer experience for any player who is interested in receiving quality instruction in a competitive and fun environment. Within each age group, multiple levels based on skill, athleticism, and commitment will be created for boys and girls. The JUSC will truly be an inclusive enterprise dedicated to developing as many players as possible. 

How is the club run? 
The Boards of the Johnston and Urbandale Soccer Clubs each appointed four individuals to serve on the JUSC Board of Directors. In addition, the club has six  full-time professional staff members to manage the club and oversee player development. 
Will there be A and B teams? 
Within the JUSC, age groups will be structured in a two-level

format: Premier and Competitive. The number of teams in each

classification will be dependent on the number and quality of

players attending try-outs. 

Is there financial assistance available for club fees? 
Yes. The Karen Coaldrake Financial Assistance Fund was established in May of 2008 to help those families who may need financial assistance so their child can participate in JUSC. We do not wish to see any interested, qualified child unable to have the opportunity to participate because of cost. Please see the Forms section of our website for assistance policies and procedures, an assistance application, and a donation form. 

Can I or my business make a contribution to the Karen Coaldrake Financial Assistance Fund? 
Yes. Simply make your check payable to the KCFAF and mail your donation to: Karen Coaldrake Financial Assistance Fund, Johnston-Urbandale Soccer Club, PO Box 31069, Johnston, IA 50131.  Contributions are greatly appreciated and any amount is acceptable. 

Will JUSC teams in the older age groups (U15 and above) look to play year-round and force players to make a decision between high school and club soccer? 
The staff values the importance some players place in high school soccer and will not force anyone to make a choice between club and high school; however, if enough interest exists the JUSC will provide an alternative to high school soccer in the spring. This issue will be addressed at the beginning of the soccer year so there is ample time to put together a schedule of events and make arrangements should the club option be chosen. 

Will all teams have an equal number of training sessions and games? 
All teams within in an age group will be provided a similar number of training opportunities and league games. Teams within the Premier level will sometimes play in extra events and practices over the course of the year than a Competitive level team.


Will playing time in games be split equally among the players? 
With the exception of a few events over the course of the year, such as State Cup, the staff will strive to provide all players at least 50% playing time in league games and tournaments. This does not mean that all children will be in the game for the same duration, as there will be some players who will be on the field for most, if not all, of a match. 

The staff is committed to developing players through playing the game. Therefore, team rosters, especially in the U11 and U12 age groups, will be kept small to ensure everyone is getting the opportunity to grow through competition. Furthermore, in the older age groups where larger rosters and pools of players might exist, the staff will put together a schedule that consists of more games and tournaments and then take only a portion of the roster to each event. By doing this, the number of substitutes at each match will be kept to a minimum, thereby creating more playing time for those in attendance. 


Will there be a lot of flexibility for moving players up and down? 
The opportunity for a player to move to a higher-level team or the challenge to a player to remain at the highest level is a principal reason the merger is so attractive to the coaching staff. Especially at age groups U13 and above, this movement is an essential component of development and we think it will tremendously benefit every single JUSC player. 

Will different teams within an age group have the same coach? 
The JUSC will assign one senior staff member to be in charge of each age group. Depending on the number of teams in an age group, additional staff will be added to assist with coaching for games and training. 

All coaches within an age group will be in constant communication with the age group director to provide feedback on players and teams. Furthermore, training and game schedules will be devised so that the coach heading up the age group is able to directly observe all the players on a consistent basis. 

How much travel will be involved? 
As in past years, the U11 and U12 teams will play most league games within the Greater Des Moines area; tournaments will take place in Iowa and the surrounding states. 

Older teams will still have many of their league and tourney games within Iowa and the surrounding states, but Premier-level teams may travel greater distances within the region more consistently to ensure competition is managed properly. The proposed league and tourney schedule for all age groups will be provided at try-outs. 

How do I know whether to wear my light blue or navy jersey? 
Whenever we are at home we will typically play in the light blue jersey, white shorts, and white socks. When playing away or listed as the visiting team, we will typically play in all navy. Please make sure that players pack both versions of our uniforms – just in case! Because of opponent uniforms, we sometimes may have to change ours from what we would typically wear.

How do I order additional uniform items during the year? 
We are currently in the process of finding a new vendor.  Please refer to your coach regarding any questions.

Who does the JUSC schedule and when will I receive the schedule for the season? 
ISL - The ISL schedule is compiled by the ISL Director, JUSC coaches have no control over the timeline of this schedule. Hopefully you will have the game schedule two/three before the start of the season. 

MRL - The MRL schedule is compiled by the clubs within each division of MRL.  Like the ISL schedule, JUSC coaches have no control over the timeline of the schedule, but will communicate it as soon as possible for our teams.  

Training and Tournament Schedule - This is compiled by the JUSC coaching staff and their aim is to provide you with this as early as possible. 

What time should players arrive at the fields prior to a match? 
Refer to your team coach for this information. 

What should I do in the case of severe weather and I’m wondering if training/games are being held? 
We recommend you check the JUSC website, our JUSC FACEBOOK page, or Twitter. Field closings will be posted on the Home page or look under the Weather tab. If your team is playing an away match, check the hosting club’s website for field closings. Many of these websites can be found by clicking on the ISL link in the Weather section of the club site. You should also receive an e-mail from your team coordinator if training or a game is cancelled. 

What should I do if my child has a conflict with training, games or tournaments? 
If your child has a conflict, please let the coach know ASAP. This helps with their planning for training sessions, games and tournaments. 

What is an ISL club player pass? 
The ISL club player pass enables your child to play on a different team in or out of your current age group within the club. This pass will be given to your child at the start of the season and should be placed in your child’s zip pocket on their bag. The pass will be a different color to their team player pass. This enables the coaches to move players without the team pass going missing. If your child needs to use their club pass, make sure it is returned to them after the game. 

Is there any contact information for my child’s teammates, parents, etc.?

This would be helpful for car-pooling, out of town games and tournaments, and just getting to know people.
Each team coordinator will put this information together in the fall of each season and distribute by e-mail to parents. 

Will my child’s coach always be present at their game? 

A JUSC coach will be present at every game and training session.  Throughout the year, coaches have conflicts and there will be the possibility of another coach in attendance at a game or training.  In the event that your coach is not at your game, a game card with line-up and potential substitutions will be given to the attending coach.  There will be time where there will be multiple JUSC staff members at your child’s game.  The staff at JUSC support the entire club and try to see as many different teams and players as possible.  


When are my JUSC payments due and how much are they? 
The schedule of payments is on the JUSC website under the "Forms" section. Refer to your child’s age group pay plan document for this information. 

Who do I contact if I have a question about whether my payment was received? 
Click on the "Contact Us" tab to send your e-mail to the club administrator.
Who do I contact if I cannot pay a portion or any of my child’s fees? 
You should contact the Club Treasurer. Click on the "Board" tab on the JUSC website to send the Treasurer an e-mail correspondence. Any and all correspondence is held in the strictest of confidence. The club offers an assistance program, the Karen Coaldrake Financial Assistance Fund. This fund was established in the honor of Karen Coaldrake who was a dedicated supporter of youth soccer and the needs of all children in our community. The fund is used to support soccer players who may need financial assistance in order to play competitive club soccer. JUSC believes in providing a quality soccer experience at all age levels and capabilities for a reasonable cost. While we believe that our fee structure is competitive, we recognize that for some, this fee may be prohibitive. We do not wish to see any interested, qualified child unable to have the opportunity to participate because of cost.

Does the club provide refunds? 
No, the club does not give refunds. Any requests for refunds must be sent to the Executive Director.