JUSC is the soccer home for boys and girls of all ability levels. We have programs for the youngest child wanting to try soccer for the first time, programs for kids wanting to stay active, have fun and play with their friends, and programs for the child who has ambitions of being a top player in a highly competitive environment.

The Sporting Iowa professional coaching staff oversee our programs and offer touch points with all players and coaches. The player pathway describes how a player can progress through our programs. Program pages provide more details so that you know what to expect.

The Player Pathway

From 4U through 8U, players are introduced to the game of soccer in a fun non-competitive environment. The discovery program starts kids along either the recreational or select pathway.

At 9U, players may choose to play recreational soccer or join the 9U-10U Academy operated by Sporting Iowa. In recreational soccer, players stay active and develop skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Academy soccer is an advanced recreational program that serves as the first step along the select pathway. The program is designed to strengthen players’ technical foundations and prepare them for select soccer.

At 11U, players may tryout for select soccer, implemented by Sporting Iowa, or play/continue playing recreational soccer. Select soccer exposes players to different competitive training and playing environments to grow their mental, physical, tactical and technical capabilities. It is for players who have a strong technical foundation and are motivated to develop their soccer abilities to the highest level possible.

Players may move between the recreational and select pathways at any age.

The Player Pathway - shows the progression through either the select soccer pathway or the recreational soccer pathway.