Frequently ASKED

How Do I Register My Child For Soccer?

Parents and guardians must register their children for soccer with JUSC using a secure sports management system called Demosphere. Please click the "register here" button below to access the system. If you have previously participated in JUSC programs, you may sign in with your existing account. If you do not have an existing account, you may create a new account from the login page, or login using your Google or Facebook accounts.

Where Can I Learn More About JUSC Programs?

You can learn more about our programs by selecting one of the options below. Our program pages will help you understand the player pathway and provide more information about our program offerings.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my member account?

Your member account can be managed through either Demosphere's web or mobile applications.

Web Application

The Demosphere web application is accessible from the Registration Portal by logging in with the same credentials used for registration. Once logged in select "My Profile Dashboard" at the top of the page, then click either the "Manage Profile" button on the "My Profile Information" tab or the "Manage Household" button on the "My Household Information" tab. The web application allows you to manage your households, update profile information, and view registration history across all Demosphere-powered sites in one dashboard.

If a household member has been placed on a team, the household will also have the ability to view their team’s calendar, members, roster, and team communication from Team Contacts - all directly from the dashboard.

Need Help with the Web application?

Mobile App

New Demosphere Mobile App now supports Account Management. The Demoshere Mobile App is available on the Apple Apps Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app on your phone log in with the same credentials used for registration.

Need Help with the Mobile App?

Additional Assistance

For additional help, you may contact Demosphere directly or submit your support request.

How will JUSC communicate with me?

Email Communication

JUSC uses Demosphere to facilitate email communication to families with children registered in our programs for club-wide communications based on the email associated with your profile. Team coaches will also be provided emails of parents and guardians.

Mobile App

To further facilitate communication at the club and team level, we highly encourage you to add the Demoshere Mobile App is available on the Apple Apps Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app on your phone, log in with the same credentials used for registration.

Social Media

We also post relevant club information on our social media accounts, which you are invited to follow: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Can I make a special team placement request for my child?

If you have a special team placement request, please let us know when registering your child to play soccer or contact us. You may request your child play on the same team as a friend and/or ask to placed on a specific volunteer coach's team. However, you must complete registration before any special team request is considered. Registering early helps, special team placement requests are more difficult to honor as team rosters fill up. While we will do our best to honor requests made, we cannot guarantee they can be fulfilled.

What age group should my child be playing this season?

Per U.S. Soccer requirements, all age groups are based on the calendar year in which your child was born:

  • 4U = Born in 2018

  • 5U = Born in 2017

  • 6U = Born in 2016

  • 7U = Born in 2015

  • 8U = Born in 2014

  • 9U = Born in 2013

  • 10U = Born in 2012

  • 11U = Born in 2011

  • 12U = Born in 2010

  • 13U = Born in 2009

  • 14U = Born in 2008

  • 15U = Born in 2007

  • 16U = Born in 2006

  • 17U = Born in 2005

  • 18U = Born in 2004

  • 19U = Born in 2003

Can my child play in an older age group?

To facilitate player development and provide positive experience, we highly recommend your child play within their true age group based on their birth year. However, we understand there may be instances where a child's maturity, athleticism, and soccer technical skills support playing with and against older players, in longer games and training sessions, and on bigger fields. If you believe your child would benefit from playing in an older age group, please contact us. While we are considering your request, please register your child in the age group associated with their birth year.

What will my child need for uniforms and equipment?

Except for 4U Little Kicks participants, all players are required to purchase Johnston Urbandale Soccer Club approved uniforms to wear during games. 4U Little Kicks participants will be provided a JUSC shirt to wear during the sessions. More details on what uniforms are required (including how to order) for your child's age group, and other needed and allowable equipment are available on the Uniform & Equipment page.

When will I learn what time my child's team trains?

Training sessions for 7U-8U developmental teams, and 9U-19U recreational teams will be scheduled by your child's team's coach. Generally, training sessions will begin two weeks prior to your child's first weekend of games. We encourage coaches to let parents know days and times for training as soon as possible. They are also encouraged to find times that work for the player's families.

When are my child's game schedules typically available?

Game schedules are generally published one to two weeks before the first weekend of games.

Where can I find my child's game schedule?

Game schedules when published they will be available on the Game Schedules page. Schedules are also accessible through the Demosphere web application or via the mobile App using your login credentials used for registration. The Demoshere Mobile App is available on the Apple Apps Store or Google Play.

See Program Details for general game times:

Where can I report misconduct?

Incidents of unsportsmanlike or unethical conduct, arrests for a felony or violent crime, violations of club policy, behaviors that put youth at risk, or abuse involving our players, coaches, referees, officials, volunteers, parents or spectators can be reported to the club using the following form.

Report Misconduct to Club